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Appliance Recycling

Steve’s Appliance Repair, Sales & Service also provides appliance recycling for the home or business needs in Central Indiana. Our appliance recycling/reconditioning process is designed to provide for proper RECYCLING of appliances.

The types of items we recycle and recondtion include:







To name a few.....Basically, if it cooks, cools or cleans we RECYLE it!

Our appliance recycling program is designed to provide for ACTUAL recycling of appliances! We are CFC Certified, so we can contain your hazardous waste. But more importantly.... we can actually ELEMINATE waste! What we do here at Steve's Appliance is pick up your old, worn out, damaged, unusable appliance and actually recycle it into a LIKE NEW reconditioned appliance. So your old becomes someone else’s "NEW"! No need for a landfill, no need to emit harmful gases into the air by melting it back down.... we will make it come alive!!!!

The cost to you.... FREE!!

To request appliance disposal:

Call us at 888-842-5053 or 765-349-4780 and schedule a pickup today. The only thing we ask is for the appliance to be cleaned out of all food and trash and be accessible with a hand cart for pick-up.

Knowing you did the right thing for the environment…..PRICELESS!

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