Modern appliances have come a long way since the days of washboards and iceboxes. Every now and then, for one reason or another, our contemporary appliances need to be repaired, that's when it’s time to call Steve's Appliance Repair, Sales & Service for your in home appliance service.  Call us today to schedule your in home appliance repair


We schedule in home appliance repair Monday - Friday from 8-5, and emergency service on the weekends

"If Steve can't fix it...... SCRAP IT!"


Along with servicing your major appliances, we also cater to the do-it-yourselfers and carry many of the parts you need.  If you are the do-it-yourself type, we can help you make that repair! If you are looking for parts, or maybe just advice.... give us a call, 888-842-5053  and we will ship it directly to you. Or stop in, we have many of the parts most commonly called for in stock. 

If we don't happen to have what you need in stock... we can normally have it for you by the next day!